This article originally appeared on the Huffington Post. 

We’ve run enough campaigns to know that things can get pretty silly towards the end. The dubious claims and accusations start to fly and voters just wind up frustrated and unsure of what to believe.

But here’s one thing we know is true — Mark Herring is a champion for Virginia women.

Having served side by side with Mark, we know we can always count on him to be a forceful ally for economic justice, reproductive rights and healthcare, and more.

As a State Senator, he introduced legislation to rollback the outlandish regulations that were designed to close women’s health clinics, supported equal pay for equal work, and fought the infamous “transvaginal ultrasound bill” every step of the way.

As our Attorney General, he has been a breath of fresh air after the relentlessly anti-women administration of Ken Cuccinelli.

Mark corrected some of Cuccinelli’s bad legal advice and protected our women’s health clinics.

He helped defeat the Republicans’ 20-week abortion ban with an official opinion that said it would be an unconstitutional attack on women’s rights.

He has elevated women to senior leadership roles, built an inclusive staff, and promoted pay equity in the Office of Attorney General.

And while his Republican opponent John Adams wants to ban abortion, put employers in charge of women’s contraception coverage, and went to the Supreme Court twice to try to limit women’s access to birth control, Mark is leading the fight against President Trump’s rollback of contraception coverage and fought at the Supreme Court for our right to access reproductive healthcare.

So as we get down to the final days of this campaign, don’t be fooled by the lies and half-truths you’re going to hear from the other side.

The fact is, Mark Herring is the right choice for Virginia women.


Delegate Lashrecse Aird (District 63-Petersburg)
Delegate Jennifer Boysko (Herndon)
Delegate Betsy Carr (Richmond City)
Delegate Eileen Filler-Corn (Fairfax)
Delegate Charniele Herring (Alexandria)
Delegate Daun Hester (Norfolk)
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Delegate Jeoin Ward (Hampton)
Delegate Vivian Watts (Annandale)

Senator Rosalyn Dance (District 16-Petersburg)
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Senator Jennifer Wexton (Loudoun)