“We can’t lose momentum on our statewide push to reduce gun violence in the commonwealth. That’s why I support Mark Herring for Attorney General” said activist Andy Goddard.

LEESBURG, Va. – This morning, Attorney General Mark Herring’s re-election campaign announced a slate of gun violence prevention activists including prominent activists Andy Parker and Andy Goddard endorsing his bid for re-election. This follows the endorsements from progressive gun violence prevention organizations Giffords, Brady PAC, and The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence. 

“Mark has been a champion for common sense legislation like red flag laws and background checks, cracked down on gun-runners, and sued in court to block the sale of untraceable 3D guns. We need his experience in the office of the Attorney General” said gun violence prevention activist and author Andy Parker. “So many Virginians have been personally affected by gun violence tragedies, and we need a fighter ready to build on the progress we’ve made to end gun violence nationwide. I’m confident that Mark Herring will maximize the abilities of his office to keep our communities safe.”

“We can’t lose momentum on our statewide push to reduce gun violence in the commonwealth. That’s why I support Mark Herring for Attorney General” said gun violence prevention activist Andy Goddard. “Attorney General Herring has an unbeatable track record when it comes to pushing for gun safety legislation, and has always been accessible to our communities. There is no doubt that Mark Herring will always fight to ensure the safety of all Virginians.”

“Having the support from such inspirational leaders in our commonwealth means the world to me, and I know that together we won’t be silenced” said Attorney General Mark Herring. “We’ve lost too many Virginians as a result of gun violence. With our new Democratic majority, the time is now to enact life-saving gun saving measures that will set a precedent for future generations. With their guidance, we’ll continue to push for common sense gun reform legislation on both the state and federal level, to keep Virginians safe.”

Gun violence prevention activists endorsing the campaign include:

Lori Haas, Senior Director of Advocacy, The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, 

Andrew Goddard,  Board Member, Virginia Center for Public Safety,  father of injured VT student, Richmond, VA

Andy Parker,  Activist, Author,  father of Alyson Parker, TV Journalist killed on live TV,  Collinsville, VA

Martina Leinz, Brady Board Member and NOVA Chapter Leader,  Burke, VA

Dave Harrison, Esquire,  ABA GVP Committee member, Roanoke, VA

Kayla Hicks, Founder and Executive Director, Sustain Equity Group, Newport News, VA

Catherine Koebel Stromberg, Founding Member Blue Ridge Coalition Against Gun Violence, Blacksburg, VA