This story appeared on WAVY-TV.

NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring was in Norfolk Friday to launch a new legal resource for military families and veterans.

He said service members are often targets for fraud because of their steady income and time away from home. The 33-page document outlines their protections and rights.

“If they need money, there are protections. If they have emergencies and they need a loan, there are protections that are afforded to them because they’re service members to put caps on certain kinds of loans,” Herring said.

The document also covers information on child custody, education, and leave for spouses. Cmdr. (Ret.) Elaine Luria said legal issues were among the main challenges to her Sailors’ readiness.

“Having something like this resource where it’s all spelled out, like I gave an example of you know, a new Sailor who shows up here. She’s never rented an apartment, for example, well how does she know that there should be a military clause in the lease and that she has certain protections if she’s deployed unexpectedly? What about a Sailor who’s never bought a car before?” Luria said.

Sue Hoppin, president of the National Military Spouse Network, said she could have used some of the information when she was overseas.

“A lot of times as military spouses, we go into a location, we don’t want to ask for any favors, we don’t want to stand out, so we won’t advocate for ourselves. I feel like a guide like this puts the information at our fingertips,” Hoppin said.

Herring officially launched the resource at the MacArthur Memorial in downtown Norfolk at 10 a.m. The guide is available through www.VaMilGuide.com, and will be given out through hard copy and electronically.