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State Attorney General Mark Herring said Friday he is filing a lawsuit against the President Donald Trump administration over the end of “cost-sharing reduction payments.”

Earlier in the day, Herring called Trump’s decision to end the payments a “heartless, lawless move” that will cause health care prices to spike for low-income Americans.

Trump’s order will “hurt the most vulnerable among us, and destabilize insurance markets around the country,” Herring said Friday.

He says Trump’s move is based on “spite rather than law.”

Virginia and 18 other attorneys general are filing the suit in the Northern District of California challenging Trump’s decision to end the payments.

The suit claims, in part:

The Administration’s new refusal to make the required federal payments directly subverts the ACA, and will injure the Plaintiff States, their residents, and the entire healthcare system. The loss of funds and financial uncertainty caused by their actions will lead to higher health insurance costs for consumers and to insurers abandoning the individual health insurance market.

The number of uninsured Americans will increase once again, hurting vulnerable individuals and directly burdening the States. The unlawful refusal to make CSR reimbursement payments will also substantially complicate the States’ efforts to administer their healthcare markets and in some instances leave consumers with no health plan to access despite their federal entitlements under the ACA.