“Whether he’s taking on the NRA, advancing criminal justice reform, or protecting the Affordable Care Act, Mark’s record as Attorney General demonstrates courage and consistency in fighting for equal justice for all,” said former congressional candidate Qasim Rashid

LEESBURG, Va. – This morning local leaders across the commonwealth announced their endorsement of Attorney General Mark R. Herring in his re-election bid.

“Mark Herring has always been a stalwart in ensuring protections for underrepresented Virginians,” said former congressional candidate Qasim Rashid. “Whether he’s taking on the NRA, advancing criminal justice reform, or protecting the Affordable Care Act, Mark’s record as Attorney General demonstrates courage and consistency in fighting for equal justice for all. That’s why I’m excited to support Attorney General Herring for a third-term.”

“When it was time to stand up and fight for Equal Rights Amendment ratification, Attorney General Mark Herring stood with Virginia’s women and fought for justice,” said Former Congresswoman Leslie Byrne. “He’s defended access to affordable healthcare, fought the gun lobby, and let a multimillion dollar project to eliminate Virginia’s rape kit backlog. There is no better candidate for Attorney General than Mark Herring.”

“Attorney General Herring has always been steadfast in his effort to ensure that all Virginians get equal protection under the law,” said Community Leader Sue Langley. “Mark is accessible, diligent and incredibly knowledgeable on all issues that Virginians care about most. He is the clear choice for Attorney General in this election.”

“To have the support of such a robust group of leaders is humbling, and a reflection of all the incredible victories we’ve achieved together,” said Attorney General Mark Herring. “As we defeat the COVID crisis and rebuild our economy, I can’t wait to get to work in the Office of the Attorney General fighting for Virginians every step of the way.”

Full list of Local Leaders Endorsing Mark Herring for re-election:

Ali Faruk  Director Of Public Policy at Families Forward Virginia

Barbara Jones  Women’s Rights Activist / Network NoVA

Dan Lagana – Former Fairfax County Democratic Committee Chair

David  Toscano – Former Minority Leader in the House of Delegates and Former Mayor of Charlottesville

Hassan Ahmad – Former Candidate for Delegate

Ibrahim Moiz – Former Candidate for Supervisor and Muslim Community Leader

Ilryong Moon –  Former Fairfax County School Board Member and Korean Community Leader

Ingrid H. Morroy – Arlington Commissioner of Revenue

Joe Cobb – Pastor and former Vice Mayor of Roanoke

Leslie Byrne – Former Congresswoman, CD11

Lisa Sales –  Advisory Board of ERA Coalition 

LuAnn Benett – Former Congressional Candidate, CD10

Margo Horner – Community Leader

MaryJane Dolan – Mayor of Lynchburg

Monique Alcala – Latinx Community Leader

Nancy Horn – Roanoke Commissioner of Revenue

Qasim Rashid – Former Congressional Candidate, CD1

Renee Turk – Mayor of Salem

Renise Leresche- Women’s Rights Advocate

Robert Jeffrey – Roanoake council member

So Jung Lim – Fairfax City Council Member

Sheila Olem – Mayor of Herndon

Suchada ‘Sue’ Langley – Former Fairfax Democratic Committee Chair

Sylvia Glass –  Loudoun County Supervisor

Zaki Barzinji – Former Obama Administration White House Liaison

Previous Local Endorsements


Justin Wilson, Mayor of Alexandria

Alison Silberberg, Former Mayor of Alexandria


Libby Garvey, Chair, Arlington County Board of Supervisors

Matt De Ferranti, Vice Chair, Arlington County Board Member

Katie Cristol, Arlington County Board Member

Barbara Kanninen, Arlington County School Board Member

Paul Ferguson, Arlington Clerk of Court


Alonzo Jones, Mayor of Danville

Larry Campbell, Danville City Councilor

Sherman Saunders, Former Mayor of Danville


Jeff McKay, Chair, Fairfax County Board of Supervisors

Kathy Smith, Fairfax County Supervisor

James Walkinshaw, Fairfax County Supervisor

Penny Gross, Fairfax County Supervisor

John Foust, Fairfax County Supervisor

Dalia Palchik, Fairfax County Supervisor

Walter Alcorn, Fairfax County Supervisor


Lisa Merkel, Former Mayor of Herndon


Kelly Burk, Mayor of Leesburg

Marty Martinez, Leesburg City Councilor

Neil Steinberg, Leesburg City Councilor

Zach Cummings, Leesburg City Councilor

Ara Bagdasarian, Leesburg City Councilor

Kristen Umstattd, Loudoun County Supervisor

Manassas Park

Jeanette Rishell, Mayor of Manassas Park

Prince William County

Supervisor Andrea Bailey, Prince William County Supervisor


Steve McGraw, Roanoke Clerk of the Court


John David Smith, Mayor of Winchester