Attorney General Herring issued the following statement after winning election to a second term as Virginia’s Attorney General:

Tonight, the people of Virginia have sent an unmistakable message that will be heard across this nation. We have rejected a politics of fear and division in favor of a Commonwealth that strives for justice, equality, and opportunity for all Virginians. The people of Virginia have said loud and clear that their attorney general should always be on the side of the people.

Virginians were asked to embrace the politics of fear and division and we chose a better path.

The voters looked at the results of 2016 and said we need to set the ship right.  Today, Virginians said ‘this is the way back.’

The last four years have been a time of incredible progress for our Commonwealth, and I have been so proud to be a part of it.

Working under the leadership of our great Governor Terry McAuliffe, we have begun the hard work of building a new Virginian economy.

Working alongside Governor Northam and Lieutenant Governor Fairfax, we will govern as we ran—as a team, working to fulfil the promise of our great Commonwealth.