Arlington, VA (September 6, 2017) – Today, Humane Dominion – Virginia’s only political action committee (PAC), dedicated to making the Commonwealth a safer, more humane place for animals by helping to elect animal-friendly candidates into office in the state – announced its endorsement of Mark Herring for Attorney General.

“We are thrilled to announce our endorsement of Mark Herring, who has made the protection of animals in Virginia a top priority during his tenure as Attorney General,” said Melissa Craig, President of Humane Dominion’s Board of Directors. “We feel confident that Mark Herring will continue to build on the tremendous efforts he has already made on behalf of animals and we cannot think of a better person for that office.”

Since its creation in 2012, Humane Dominion has worked with animal lovers across the Commonwealth to elect humane officials and enact humane animal laws. In the last Virginia state elections in 2015, Humane Dominion endorsed forty-two candidates, with thirty-seven of them being successfully elected These efforts were instrumental in passing new laws that help to make Virginia a safer place for the animals including curbing the sale of puppies sourced from puppy mills in pet stores, clarifying the definition of private animal shelters, working to support the practice of trap-neuter-return and curbing roadside sales of animals.

In 2015, Mark Herring created the nation’s first Attorney General’s Animal Law Unit, to serve as a resource for local law enforcement and state agencies on issues involving animal welfare, something animal advocates across the Commonwealth applauded. Since 2015, the Animal Law Unit, under Herring’s direction has undertaken 400 matters ranging from special prosecutions to advising law enforcement, animal control officers and prosecutors in various jurisdictions to training others both domestically and internationally.

Successful prosecutions by the Animal Law Unit have included cockfighting, dogfighting, horse abuse, animal cruelty, hoarding, pet store violations, fox penning and animal sacrifices.

“Virginia lawmakers are growing increasingly aware of their constituents’ passion, interest, and commitment to animal welfare,” explains Sue Bell, Humane Dominion Board member. “In addition to supporting the elections of animal-friendly candidates, Humane Dominion educates voters on the candidates’ voting records, encourages them to work with their elected officials on animal issues, and to vote for endorsed humane candidates during elections. Mark Herring is an outstanding leader in animal advocacy and we are lucky to have him.”

Humane Dominion will be announcing additional endorsements in the coming weeks.